She graduated from a university in the field of Nursing and a few years later she completed her specialization in the field of intensive care for sick adults. She gained her work experience mainly in the internal department and later in the internal ICU. During her practice, she gained a lot of valuable knowledge, experience and skills, for which she says she is grateful for to her colleagues and doctors. She has been working in healthcare for almost 13 years. She became a nurse thanks to inspiration from her aunt, who also chose the profession of a nurse. According to her own words, this work and helping people makes her happy.




13 years of nurse experience


Slovak, English


assistance of doctors in examinations, checking on physiological functions of patients, infusion, injection, CRP examination, application of Bemer therapy, Sibo testing, spirometric examination, physician assistance in EMG examinations of the lower limbs, reception work

Work Days

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
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