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The story of Hippocrates medical center

The story of the private medical center Hippocrates began in 1995, when the founder and medical director M.D. Karol Tocik, PhD. left the work of a clinical neurologist at Kramare hospital in Bratislava and founded the very first private medical center of conventional medicine in Slovakia. Initially, the clinic focused exclusively on neurological patients but during the first two years of its existence, it transformed into a health center and expanded its activities. 

The small private medical center Hippocrates was established as a family business out of a desire to put the high ideal of medicine expressed in the Hippocratic Oath, into practice. Currently, this family medical center is located in the Apollo Business Center II on Prievozska Street in Bratislava. 

Since 2015, the son Michal Tocik and his wife have held the managerial positions of directors, taking over responsibility for the management and the future of the clinic. Despite the relocation and constant change of the Slovak healthcare system, family members together with other employees create a spirit of cooperation and a family atmosphere. 

Hippocrates MC has quality certified specialists in the field of neurology, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, a general practitioner for adults, an internist and an art therapist. With the so-called “Daily care” (comprehensive treatment able to replace hospitalization), also offers regeneration and relaxation procedures. We have above-standard care for patients suffering from migraines, back pain, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis or post-covid syndrome, especially in terms of their rehabilitation. At the Hippocrates private medical center, we also offer high-dose vitamin C infusion therapy and therapeutic massages. These services are complementary health services that complement the nature of comprehensive daily modern care and treatment. So far, the center has tens of thousands of satisfied clients, who especially appreciate the interest in their treatment by doctors and medical staff, available appointments with the doctors or for diagnostic examinations, daily treatment management and the offer of these services under one roof.

Until 2017, the Hippocrates Center was located in the Old Town on Šulekova Street.
Since 2015, Michal Točík has been working as the director of the polyclinic.
The Hippocrates Family Polyclinic can be found in the Apollo Business Center II.
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