Neurology • Internist
Limited initial medical examinaton MUDr. Karol Točik, PhD. (60min.) 100€
Follow-up medical examination MUDr. Karol Točik, PhD. (40min.) 65€
Limited initial medical examinaton (60 min) 80€
Follow-up medical examination (30min.) 55€
Prescription or a written request for examination (if not included in the examination) 5€
Follow-up medical examination and Injection GUNA MD 94€
Package Follow-up medical examination (3x30min.) 134€
Package Follow-up medical examination (5x30min.) 201€
Package Follow-up medical examination with injection GUNA MD (3x30min.) 202€
Package Follow-up medical examination with injection GUNA MD (5x30min.) 346€
Translation of the medical report into the English or German language 30€
Examination for food intolerance 99€
Dry needle spine mobilisation 10€
Individual physiotherapy (30min.) 55€
Individual Physiotherapy (45min.) 75€
Individual Physiotherapy (60min.) 95€
Package Individual physiotherapy (3x30min.) 120€
Package Individual physiotherapy (3x45min.) 160€
Package Individual physiotherapy (3x60min.) 200€
Package Individual physiotherapy (5x30min.) 185€
Package Individual physiotherapy (5x45min.) 245€
Package Individual physiotherapy (5x60min.) 305€
Bemer-Magnet therapy (20min.) 20€
Bemer-Magnet therapy and Oxygenotherapy(20min.) 26€
Ultrasound therapy (15min.) 13€
Electrotherapy (15min.) 13€
General practice (performaces not paid by health insurance company)
Preventive examination – basic (60min.) 80€
Health certificate 20€
Counseling with medical assessor
Consultation, documentation evaluation and proposal of solutions (2+1 hour) 150€
Follow-up consultation (30min.) 30€
Art therapy
Individual Art therapy-first meeting examinitation (60 min.) 60€
Individual Art therapy package 5x (60 min.) 225€
Inhalation O2 (20min.) 6€
Package Inhalation O2 (5x20min.) 20€
Infusion (drugs are not included in the price) 50€
Blood taking (laboratory analyses are not included in the price) 20€
Vitamin C Infusion (one application) 56€
Blood taking before C vitamin therapy infusion 26€
Vitamin C Infusion Therapy (5x applications) 190€
Vitamin C Infusion Therapy (3xapplications) 118€
Sonography (one system) 33€
Electromyography 15€
Spirometer 30€
Contracted insurance

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