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Internal medicine doctor

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Internal medicine is a department of medicine in which the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases, diseases of the internal organs, is carried out. Internal medicine specialist is internist.

“Second opinion”

– advice and evaluation of results in health documentation. In the past, all more complicated patients have been treated during hospitalizations at congresses and seminars attended by a number of physicians with varying levels of experience, knowledge, and sometimes professional expertise. At congresses and seminars, symptoms of the disease and the results of the patient’s examination were analyzed, diagnostic procedures and treatments were dealt with. The patient was treated “groupwise” to minimize the occurrence of a possible mistake. By addressing the majority of patients to outpatient care, this way of dealing with more complicated patients was eliminated. Diagnosis and treatment are based on the knowledge, experience and practice of a single physician, and prescriptions for diagnosis and treatment are taken into account. It works routinely. Second opinion is not questioning the expertise or correctness of the procedure of a doctor. This is to point out the impartial view of another expert who can minimize such weaknesses.

“Holistic medicine,complex medicine”

– seeks to integrate individual medical disciplines in the search for causes, manifestations and treatment of diseases. Reflects the current reality of atomizing medicine. As a result of new scientific knowledge, the atomization of medicine has contributed to forgetting the essential – to heal the patient. The patient has a diagnosis and medication from each doctor after an examination of 5-6 specialist doctors. It uses a number of different types of medication, and the condition does not improve – with every practitioner advancing correctly. Holistic medicine wants to harmonize the practices of these doctors, to find a rational way of therapy and to heal, not just cure. It also takes into account the psychological aspect of the illness.

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