Internal medicine doctor

Internal medicine is department of medicine in which the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases, i.e., diseases of internal organs, is carried out. The specialist in internal medicine is called an internist.

We offer:

  • Preventive inspections
  • Acute examinations of diseases of internal organs
  • Internal preoperative examinations
  • Second opinion

“Second opinion” – advice and evaluation of results in medical records.

In the past, all more complex patients were treated during hospitalizations at consuls and seminars, which were attended by several physicians with different levels of experience, knowledge and sometimes even professional orientation. At the consuls and seminars, the symptoms of the disease and the results of the patient’s examinations were discussed, as well as diagnostic procedures and treatment. The patient was treated “in a group” to minimize the occurrence of a possible error.

By moving most patients to outpatient care, this way of dealing with more complex patients has disappeared. Diagnosis and treatment are carried out according to the knowledge, experience and previous practice of one doctor, considering the prescribed regulations for diagnosis and treatment. It is a routine procedure.

Second opinion is not a questioning of the professionalism or correctness of the practice of the former doctor. It is an unbiased view of another expert who can minimize such weaknesses.

Holistic medicine

Holistic medicine, complex medicine, psychosomatic medicine: it seeks to integrate individual medical disciplines in the search for the causes, manifestations and treatment of diseases.

It reflects the current reality, which is the atomization of medicine. As a result of new scientific knowledge, the atomization of medicine has caused to forget the essential thing – to heal the patient. After examination by 5-6 specialists, a patient has received a diagnosis and medication from each doctor. The patient uses several different types of drugs, and the condition does not improve – at the same time, every specialist did the right thing. Holistic medicine wants to harmonize the procedures of these doctors, find a rational way of therapy and heal the patient, not just treat him. It also considers the psychological aspect accompanying the disease.

Functional medicine

Functional medicine, or “precision” medicine under President Obama’s HealthCare Program, is the foundation for personalized medicine.

It promotes the solution of health problems in connection with the lifestyle and general circumstances of the patient’s life. The root cause of the patient’s disease is sought, and the evolutionary aspect of the human species is considered.

The main aspects of personalized medicine can be summarized in the following definition: the right diagnosis and the right treatment for the right patient at the right time. Personalized medicine helps eliminate the likelihood of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and the like.

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