Is your health center located only in Bratislava?

Yes, our family-type health center is located only in Bratislava on Prievozska Street in the Apollo Business Center II. There are no other centers than in Bratislava.

What does the initial examination at the neurologist include?

The initial neurological examination lasts from 60 to 90 minutes, during which the doctor pays close attention to the patient. It consists of taking a medical history, followed by the so-called physical examination and the conclusion of the initial examination. The examination is painless and there is no reason to worry about it. The doctor physically examines the patient in underwear. At the end of the initial examination, the doctor will inform the patient of the result of the examination with a detailed explanation, this may be the diagnosis and the method of treatment – if the doctor is sure of the diagnosis of the problem after the first examination. 

More often, however, the doctor anticipates several possible diagnoses and must find out which one the patient has. They will therefore recommend the so-called auxiliary, other examinations to help them find out the correct diagnosis. It can be a blood test, CT scan, MRI, X-ray, etc. However, even with an uncertain diagnosis, treatment can be started immediately – for example, by relieving pain, dizziness, etc., it is the so-called non-specific, symptomatic treatment that may provide immediate relief to the patient. 

Can I only book physiotherapy without prior examination by a doctor?

You can book physiotherapy and rehabilitation without a doctor’s recommendation. At the first appointment, the physiotherapist will give you an initial examination. However, in acute and more serious medical conditions or after injuries, the physiotherapist may also recommend a thorough medical examination, where appropriate treatment will be set by a doctor.

Do you have a contract with Dovera health insurance company for a neurological outpatient clinic?

Unfortunately, we do not yet have a neurology contract with Dovera health insurance company. However, we have a contract with this insurance company for the department of rehabilitation and physiotherapy. 

Is there a pediatric neurologist at Hippocrates?

The Hippocrates medical center does not emulate a pediatric neurologist, we examine patients from the age of 15. A pediatric neurologist should be sought in specialized facilities for children and adolescents. Patients aged 15 to 18 may only be examined by a neurologist upon request and in the presence of the patient’s parent or legal guardian. 

Can I book an EMG examination, or do I need to have an initial examination with a neurologist first?

The patient can book an EMG examination with a recommendation from a neurologist. If the patient does not have such recommendations, our in-house neurologist will perform a short examination and then an EMG examination based on the findings of our neurologist. 

What is art therapy and how does it work at Hippocrates medical center?

Art therapy uses elements of psychotherapy through various art forms as a way of communication. Sensory stimuli serve as a means of self-expression. The goal of art therapists is to start a self-healing process in a person and to enable them to discover a way of expressing emotions, psychical processes and relationships, which is not always possible to express verbally. 

At the same time, it allows you to know your own potential and increase self-awareness, self-knowledge and support the growth of personality. Art therapy at Hippocrates MC takes place in an individual form and is implemented by a certified art therapist and Art Therapy Life coach Sasha Tocik Berkyova. 

Do you do PCR or antigen testing at your center?

No, at Hippocrates medical center, we do not perform PCR or antigen testing for capacity reasons. 

Do you perform CT scan, MR and X-ray examinations at your center?

We do not perform the mentioned examinations at Hippocrates MC, as these examinations are mostly performed in large health centers or hospitals. These examinations can be recommended by our neurologists based on their examination, and our reception is able to help you find the date of this examination. 

Explanation of examination abbreviations: 

  • X-rays – X RADIATION
Does Hippocrates MC also have an inpatient department?

We are an outpatient healthcare provider, which is why an inpatient department is not located in our center. Inpatient departments operate mainly in hospital facilities. Treatment at the Hippocrates medical center is outpatient.

Can cancer patients be infused with vitamin C?

Yes, they can, but it is necessary for these patients to obtain a written consent of the attending oncologist with this treatment, the written consent form can be provided by our reception. 

What is the procedure if I want to undergo Infusion Therapy with high-dose vitamin C?

Before the actual infusion, it is necessary to take a blood sample for the parameters: creatinine, iron and ferritin. You can take a blood sample at our center every working day in the morning or bring laboratory results of a sample not older than 14 days for the level of creatinine, iron and ferritin from your general practitioner. 

Blood collection is performed prophylactically to rule out possible contraindications to such an infusion. With the results of the collection, it is necessary to book at the reception for a consultation with a doctor, which lasts within 30 minutes. During the consultation, the doctor will evaluate the client’s health condition and will recommend or not recommend taking an infusion treatment with a vitamin C. After a medical consultation, it is possible to book appointments for infusions, which are usually given every other day, as recommended by your doctor. 

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