What are the problems treated by a neurologist?

→ Headache,
→ Backache,
→ Seizure diseases – spasm states, disorders of consciousness, dizziness,
→ Diseases of higher age – brain ischemia, apoplexy, forgetting,
→ Locomotive disorders,
→ Strong or long-term pain,
→ The feeling of chronic fatigue without any known reason,
→ Feeling of anxiety, depression,
→ States of panic connected with various physical symptoms,
→ Neurological diseases: e.g. Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis
  • complete above-standard examination and treatment without waiting and stress,
  • holistic approach,
  • politeness, kindness, open communication, a detailed explanation of what caused the disease and possible ways of treatment, long-term cooperation in solving of problems connected to treatment and regimen,
  • cooperation with relatives and strict discretion,

Who will take care of you?

MUDr. Karol Točík, CSc.

A board certified neurologist, a long-standing practice of a clinician and outpatient neurologist, research assistantship in the field of neuroinfectology, practice and trainings in neurological radiodiagnosis and electroencephalography, a doctor with holistic approach to the treatment of patient’s problems. The practice at Neurologic clinic AKH in Vienna.

MUDr. Mária Petrincová

Dr. Petrincova completed general medical education at the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University in Martin. Experience and clinical practice gained at the neurological department of the University Hospital of St. Cyril and Methodius in Bratislava, where she worked in the department of unified intensive care and counseling. She also worked in the electrophysiological laboratory, completed training in electroencephalography and electromyography. After obtaining an attestation in the field of neurology, she is engaged in outpatient practice.

MUDr. Ivana Kreheľová

She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Bratislava in general medicine. After completing the attestation in neurology, she continued her work at the Department of Neurology, as well as at the neurological unit of intensive care and neurological counseling. She received further sub-specializations in extra-cranial neuroscience, electroencephalography and epileptology, and in neurointensive medicine. She expanded her activities to a bachelors counseling activity at the neurological department of Břeclav Hospital. At this time, he is involved in predominantly ambulatory neurological activities.

MUDr. Terézia Macková

Doctorate in neurology, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University in Bratislava. She gained clinical practice at the Department and at the Neurological Intensive Care Unit of the University Hospital in NNS Sv. Lukáša in Galanta. She completed her specialization studies at SZU in the field of neurology with an attestation examination. She is a trainee in duplex USG master brain vessels, in transcranial doppler USG at UVN SNP in RK, and holds an English certificate Advanced-Bracknell and Wokingham College.