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Please enter only with a medical face mask

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Dear clients of our healthcare centre,

In this text you can find all the most recent information and instructions for our patients and those interested in our examinations, treatments and infusions with high-dose Vitamin C related to the guidelines of our public health authority of the Slovak Republic with reference to the disease COVID-19  caused by coronavirus SARS – CO V-2.

SZC Hippokrates does not treat patients with transmissible (infectious) diseases, we are targeted on the treatment of neurological diseases which are not of an infectious origin. Our centre is located in the premises of a business centre – administration building, not in medical or  hospital facilities which are hazardous in relation to a possible transmission of an infectious disease. All our patients who might have been in contact with the source of an infectious disease and show the symptoms of such a disease are welcome to contact us by telephone, however, we will not treat them in person from the viewpoint of hygiene and safety. The premises of our healthcare centre are being disinfected and we follow the recommended hygiene instructions which prevent the origin and spread of infectious diseases.

With regard to the reasons stated above, our patients do not have to be afraid of visiting SZC Hippokrates.

We kindly ask all the clients interested in an examination or a treatment in our medical centre to read and follow the instructions:

We need to check the temperature of every client visiting our centre contactless. If we find a higher temperature, the patient will get a protective mask and will be isolated until the doctor does not handle his/her condition accordingly.

Patients who are registered with our general practitioner and meet the conditions 1 to 4  stated below have to stay at home and have to contact our reception by phone. Our doctor will contact you and will try to solve your problem by phone: 

  1. Do you have higher temperature, do you suffer from shortness of breath (breathing difficulties), do you have muscle pain, do you feel exhausted, do you have digestion problems – stomach ache, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting?
  2. Have you been in the last 14 days abroad or have you traveled by plane?
  3. Have you been in the last 14 days in contact with a person who has returned from abroad or has traveled by plane?
  4. Have you been in the last 14 days in contact with a person who showed symptoms of flu, had higher temperature, cough or shortness of breath ( breathing difficulties)?

We will administer high-dose Vitamin C infusion only for preventive reasons to people who are healthy and have not been in possible contact with the virus SARS-CO V-2. If you want an infusion because you already have some symptoms of the disease, we must not administer the infusion. All the medical interventions to patients with a possible infection are allowed to be performed only in reserved infectology departments. Please do not call to book the  high-dose vitamin C infusion, if you have responded positively to above-stated questions.


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Au, tu pobolieva koleno, tu zas rameno, chrbát, občas aj krk... Každý z nás má nejakú

1 week ago

V súčasnosti máme k dispozícii vitamín C, ktorý sa aplikuje formou krátkej vnútrožilovej infúzie. Takýmto spôsobom vieme dosiahnuť vysokú koncentráciu vitamínu C v krvi.

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