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Massages and regeneration

Therapeutic massages and their positive effects on the body:

Classic back massage activates the lymphatic system and blood circulation, supports blood circulation and oxygenation of the body, removes harmful substances from the body, improves digestion. Muscle spasms are massaged, muscle nutrition is improved, tension is removed. It has a positive effect on the nervous system (stimulation of nerve receptors and activation of the reflex arc reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol and, conversely, promotes the production of the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin, also called happiness hormones).

Anti-migraine massage is suitable for recurrent headaches and migraines. The main goal is to reduce muscle tension and blockages using proven massage techniques in the shoulders, trapezius, neck, head and face.

Breuss massage with St. John’s wort oil is a gentle, energetic back massage in the area of ​​the spine, which releases physical, mental and mental blockages. Breuss massage regenerates intervertebral discs and thus solves a wide range of health problems, in addition, it also leads to the breakdown of deeply stored mental blocks. The massage is performed in the area of ​​the spine with various massage touches, with St. John’s wort oil, which achieves the swelling of the intervertebral discs and the release of nerves that emanate from the spine into the whole body.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a tactile technique that helps proper lymph flow and drainage. Its main therapeutic significance lies in the removal of lymphatic edema (lymphedema). Lymphatic drainage is not only therapeutic but also preventive. It is applied for general fatigue; it also helps to detoxify the body.

Whole-body relaxation massage harmonizes the functions of the whole body and has an excellent relaxing effect. It relaxes tension in muscles, joints, improves the patency of the circulatory system and eliminates sleep disorders. It reduces the level of stress hormone, slows down aging and eliminates fatigue. It has a very calming effect, especially for people who are going through an emotionally demanding period, are prone to depressed moods, or experience stress at work.

Color therapy

is a gentle, safe and effective supportive therapy, which is made in our center by means of an LED PHOTON MASK. The light produced does not emit heat, because the mask uses cold LED light (the light changes to heat only slightly, photo-bio-stimulating effects are crucial) and does not emit any UV radiation. The photon mask is powered by an adapter that produces a safe voltage to power the LEDs. Color therapy helps to improve healing and strengthens the body.

Modern psychological research has shown that there are stimuli around us that have beneficial effects on the human psyche. These include scent, music, but also colors and light. It was the combination of the effects of the last two named that resulted in chromotherapy, i.e., treatment with colored light.

Color therapy is suitable for clients if clients are in neurotic states, restlessness, are exhausted, have trouble sleeping, patients with various chronic pain or migraines, or if they have a skin problem-acne, psoriasis, eczema.

  • If the client agrees and would like to test the effects of colors and light during an art therapy session, color therapy is performed using the LED bio mask OMEGA light.
  • In this case, we use the properties of colors and the beneficial effects of light on the human body.
  • Colors have been shown to help alleviate mental and physical problems. Individual colors act on the nervous system in various ways, affecting the chemical and hormonal balance in the body. Cold colors help to reveal our insides (heart and soul), they are cleansing and soothing. Warm shades stimulate the human body, they warm it.
  • Using the Led Bio Omega light, we can select the appropriate color and timing (15 min. – 20 min. – the most common timing options), so that we achieve the desired effect.
  • The device can be used on the face or other parts of the body. If it is applied to the face, the client wears safety goggles.

The effects of photon LED therapy have been tested in the past by hundreds of different institutions, universities and medical facilities. The effects of LED therapy were also addressed by the US agency NASA.


  • improves microcirculation,
  • strengthens the body’s immune and lymphatic system,
  • stimulates regenerative and healing processes throughout the body,
  • promotes wound healing,
  • improves the quality of sleep and regeneration of the body,
  • relieves pain or reduces its intensity


  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy
  • Fever conditions
  • Cancer
  • People with pacemakers and after bypass surgery
  • Children under 15

Who will take care of you

She has been fully engaged in massages since 2019, when she decided to devote herself to the profession of a masseuse because this profession brings her joy and a meaning. She completed courses in sports and reconditioning massage, reflexology and Chinese pressure massage. In 2019, she completed other courses such as: sports masseur, Dorn method and Breuss massage, anti-stress massage, champi Indian head massage, aromatouch massage techniques, soft techniques, manual lymphatic drainage massage, cosmetic lymphatic drainage of the face, anti-cellulite massage and Ayurvedic massage. In addition to massages, she enjoys spending time in nature and she also likes yoga. She is interested in Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and a holistic approach to a human being as a system formed by spirituality, energy, mental and emotional level and of course the body.

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