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Diagnosis of food intolerances

What is food intolerance?

Food intolerance is a problem that concerns an ever-widening group of Slovaks. Even if it is not a direct threat to life, it can really complicate our lives. We are not always able to recognize it, because unlike food allergies, intolerance reactions or symptoms can come with a delay of several days. Intolerances definitely do not need to be ignored, because loading the digestive tract with unsuitable food can only burden us. People with food intolerance must strictly guard their diets. Finding suitable foods is often quite difficult. In addition to finding a wide range of products in specialized categories in our retail network, our ambition is to spread awareness and provide expert information on this increasingly current topic. You will learn about food intolerance, how to recognize it and how to live with it in our new project Life without Limits. We are pleased to be a partner of all people with food intolerances and to help enjoy Life without limits.

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