We provide:

complex examination,
⇒ the plan of rehabilitation treatment
⇒ personal coaching by the physiotherapist
⇒ rehabilitation techniques: manual techniques, therapy exercise methods, School of the back
⇒ Pilates, SM system, a new technique FELDENKRAIS
⇒ electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, ultrasound treatment,
⇒ BEMER therapy

Who will take care of you?

MUDr. Eva Dúbravová

A board certified neurologist, a certified medical doctor in the field of FBLR (rehabilitation and balneology), a long-standing practice of a clinician and outpatient doctor, courses and trainings in myoskeletal medicine, in diagnosis and treatment of functional and structural disorders and spine diseases, postural proprioceptive therapy, SM system and therapeutic usage of kinesiotapping.

Tibor Benko

Tibor Benko


A physiotherapist, trainings in Roswitha Brunkow method, fit-ball exercises, stabilizing kinesiotapping, craniosacral therapy.

Mgr. Helena Škultétyová

A physiotherapist, trainings in Pilates method, SM system, in Roswitha Brunkow method, Breuss massage, Dorn method, fit-balls exercises, stabilizing kinesiotapping, craniosacral therapy.