Psychological Clinic

An expert psychologist helps:

  • mentally healthy people to solve problematic parts of their lives,
  •  mentally ill people to find their inner power and inner resources that will help them overcome and cope with the mental illness.



We provide:

  • Individual psychological consultancy for children, young people, and adults,
  • psychological consultancy for pairs,
  • family therapy,
  • psychodiagnostic examinations on various age levels,
  • psychotherapy focused on the body which is efficient mostly at states of anxiety and psychosomatic problems, personal development, self-recognition
  • supportive psychotherapy for individuals focused on coping with stress, depressive states and depressive syndromes, emotional problems and the burnout syndrome.
  •  therapy dealing with overweight problems and eating disorders, healthy lifestyle consultancy.
  • consultancy focused on personal development, self-recognition

Who will take care of you?

Mgr. Denisa Maderová

A consultancy and clinical psychologist with a long-standing practice in psychological consultancy of children, young people, and adults. She is licensed for the carrying out of the medical profession at consultancy psychology and specialized in psychotherapy focused on the work with the body – Biodynamic psychotherapy. She obtained the certificate of European School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy as a biorelease therapist. She deals with the study of clinical psychology.