Alternative Medicine

Chinise medicine

⇒ Taking into consideration the body of man, mental and emotional factors, the outer space in which man lives and his life
⇒ It is a Holistic-Holistic medical practice
⇒ Its natural non-toxic nature is an alternative to modern pharmaceutical-oriented medicine
⇒ It can also serve as a complement to conventional drug therapy
Our body, psychical and emotional factors, the outer space where we live and our regimen – all of these things are taken into account in Chinese medicine. It belongs to complex holistic medical procedures. With its natural non-toxical character, it is an alternative to modern pharmaceutically-oriented medicine. However, it can serve as a supportive treatment to a conventional treatment with drugs.  Chinese medicine uses: acupuncture,  Chinese herbs, cupping, moxibustion, Tui na massages, Qigong exercises, feng-shui and Chinese dietary therapy.