Art therapy

An expert Art therapist helps:

⇒ Art theraphy focuses mainly on the development of the individual’s creative capacities and emotional development

⇒ Increasing self-assessment gives space to self-adrenaline and mediates relaxation

⇒ Spontaneous creation creates relaxed emotions, fear, desires and problems

⇒ Healthy people address the problematic areas of life

⇒ It has no contraindications

We provide:

  • Individual art therapy consultancy for children, young people, and adults,
  • art therapy and consultancy for pairs,
  • family art therapy,
  • consultancy and art therapy focused on personal development, self-recognition

Who will take care of you?

Sasha Točík Berkyová

She graduated from Pedagogical Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava.
In 2017, she successfully completed the Art zherapy course by Professor J.Šicková-Fabrici.
Sasha has been a photographer and painter for several years,
she has several exhibitions of pictures, photos and her photos are published in many magazines and the media.
It comes from a spiritual-ecological existential approach to artetherapy.

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